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Trip to Jinja & White water rafting on the Nile

A trip to Jinja town is a memorable 1 day excursion to Eastern Uganda, visiting Jinja town which was once a very prominent Industrial capital in Uganda’s early days of Independence and now on its way to past glory but still a long way to go!

Journey to Jinja

Your guide will be ready to pick you up from your facility or any other agreed pickup point in the morning and make your journey to Jinja. The drive takes you across small towns along the Kampala – Jinja highway including Nakawa, Bweyogerere, Seeta, and Mukono among others but notable of all will be your stopover at Mabira forest. Mabira is the largest rain forest in Uganda with 312 tree and plant species, different monkey types including the red-tailed monkey and hosts 30% of Uganda’s bird species; over 300 different types! So, needless to say, a stopover at Mabira forest for a forest walk is one of the key highlights on this journey.

Proceed with the beautiful drive to the East driving past the sugar plantations in Lugazi arriving well in time for lunch in Jinja preferably at Sunset restaurant for its views of the Nile and a range of choices including Ugandan, Indian, Chinese and Italian dishes.

After lunch, you will have a short drive to the source of the Nile – a truly peaceful area with palm trees, beautiful tropical plants and you’ll be delighted by the scent of the flowers as you walk your way down the steps to the Nile. Standing on the River Nile, you will hear the splashing waves and watch the local fishermen throw in their nets! Have a boat ride to the real source of the Nile and beyond the lake where you will put your camera to task; photos, photos and more photos for future memories!

You shall then return and drive to Jinja town; traversing its streets and visiting the craft shops in this multicultural town dominated by native Basoga people and old Indian-style buildings. After the tour of Jinja town, you will head to the Bujagali falls where you will witness white water rafting on the Nile – watching on as rafters go down the falls and battle the rapids in the late afternoon.

Your day visits to Jinja ends and drive back to Kampala arriving in time for dinner at your hotel or other facility. If you wish to do white water rafting, you can stay overnight and participate the next day or just leave out the stopover at Mabira and drive straight to Jinja and chose whether to do half day or full day rafting.

Other Activities in Jinja;

On your trip to Jinja, there is a lot more you can enjoy on your way, in Jinja or on return depending on how much time you have at hand.

Ssezibwa falls; this is a remarkable place that is a short drive away from Kampala along Jinja highway and is a place of great cultural importance to the Baganda people of Buganda kingdom. The word Ssezibwa literary means unstoppable and it is regarded as a place of charm and good luck! Ssezibwa falls carry a long and rich cultural tradition; some Buganda kingdom kings (kabakas) have paid visits to this site and planted trees and some part of the falls is run by the Church of Uganda where Christians come to seek God and water baptism is done!

With a resort – Ssezibwa falls resort where you can enjoy lunch, have dinner or spend a night and go to sleep with soothing sounds of the falls, Ssezibwa falls is a great place to escape the craze of the city with busy and noisy streets, and people moving everywhere!

While most visitors will enjoy the tranquil of Ssezibwa, you can observe birds in the area, hike around or a bike ride if you have one! You can visit for a day or combine it with Mabira forest or even make a brief stopover on your way to Jinja. Contact us to learn more.

Quad Biking - Jinja; this is done at Bujagali in Jinja where you get to explore the beautiful stretches of the Nile river and traverse the local villages past coffee plantations, local homes and gardens on your quad bike! It’s a worthwhile adventure to consider on your visit to Jinja.

Quad biking is available for all ages and all levels! No previous experience is required as you’ll be taken through the practice tracks before the real adventure begins! It’s a perfect fit for families, friends, groups and individuals. Quad biking ranges from 1 hour to multi days. Contact us for more.

Horseback Safaris; can be enjoyed in Jinja. Discover the vast beauty of a tropical village riding through a typical Ugandan village on the back of a horse along the banks of the Nile River and in the hills and plantations that surround the source of the Nile in Jinja. Horseback safaris range from 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours; at 10am in the morning and 2 pm in the afternoon. The 90 minutes sunset ride is available on Friday and Saturday afternoon from 4pm. This is a unique experience to delight even the experienced riders! It is available for both beginners and experienced riders. Contact us for a horseback safari in Jinja

Bungee Jumping; this is also experience in Jinja. The Nile high bungee jumping is an adrenaline-rush experience jumping from 44 meters high to touch the River Nile! Tandem jump with a friend or ride off on your bicycle. Contact us for more.

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